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A picture is worth a treasure. Especially if it records a memory shared with friends and loved ones. Our Digital Picture Frame combines all the tasteful features of a traditional picture frame with the latest digital age innovations. Display random or manual slideshows of vacations, bright, vibrant portraits of family and loved ones

Are your digital photos hiding in a camera or computer? Now you have an easy and fun way to display them at home or at work! Introducing the high resolution Digital Picture Frame Plus MP3 Player by EDGE. This product is extremely simple to use right out of the box and makes a great gift for the digital camera aficionado! Simply place any major format of flash memory card into the appropriate slot located on the back of the frame and your pictures will be displayed instantly on screen. Set the frame to slide show mode to rotate your photos as you'd like and even add MP3s for background music! No computer or Internet connection required. The perfect gift for parents, grandparents, vacationers, and college students!

Digital photo picture frame has been the necessity in every family along with the usage of digital camera. With the new technology you can display your digital pictures in the LCD digital photo frames.
The digital photo picture frame can be operated easily through inserting the memory card into the photo frame, and then displaying the pictures automatically. It can not only display digital JPEG picture, but also plays MP3 music and plays MPEG video movie

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